Tip Tornado Graphex rod range logo
The 3rd generation of Tip Tornado Graphex rods captures the best of the past and brings new and defined benefits commensurate with advances in manufacturing and material technology. Graphex technology is a bespoke combination of the resin matrix and Graphene to benefit the rods; durability, distance, tracking, sensitivity, dampening recovery to neutral and weight saving.

Eliminator T1000 sea rod range logo
The Eliminator T series has gained traction amongst specialist anglers who are looking for modern technology and high performance. The T1000 and T1200 have demonstrated long range capability, feel and exemplary capability with both fixed spool and multiplier reels. The T900 and T800 both feature Century’s STF technology and also benefit from extensive use of high tensile S-2 super glass in the tip sections. The T700 uses the latest Graphene Technology to produce lighter easier to use rods

Excalibur sea rod range logo
The Excalibur range comprises 3 distinct models and all feature the most advanced materials and processing technology ever used in a high performance surfcaster. A significant reduction in tip weight delivers increased performance and enhanced sensitivity whilst new methods of blending carbon fibre enhances energy storage and consequent release into tip speed. The recovery in the tip is very fast to allow smooth line flow between guides. All models have been evaluated over a full season on demanding venues and have delivered quantified results and success.

Excalibur Braid Logo
Century Excalibur Braid rods have been specifically designed to complement the unique advantage of braid. The length, phased action and low down grunt thanks to Century’s unique combination of carbon, resin systems and manufacturing processes will handle the lightest bass to toughest conger or tope.

Fireblade logo
An entry level shore rod to the well-established Century family of top end, high performance beach casters. Designed and manufactured in UK.

Total Tournament sea rod range logo
There have probably been more 300 yard recognised and officiated casts on TT-R than any other rod ever made. The TT-R has been used to create all the official World distance casting records on 100gram, 125gram, 150gram and 175 gram. A superb rough ground fishing rod used by competition anglers to win numerous big match results. Improved and refined over many years of experience and design feedback featuring AT-T (Anti Twist Technology), Gearbox Design and Autoclave Technology.

Tip Tornado rod range logo
The Tip Tornado started a trend in the early ’90′s which has progressively evolved into today’s complex yet easy to use – low diameter rod. A low profile rod has the edge in transferring energy in the cast. There is a time in every cast where the bait accelerates from the launch point – that moment when the rod feeds back vital information to you and the compression and release are harmonised with directional control. The Tip Tornado has always delivered this vital requirement with its unique action. The design gives better stability in gusty conditions. The original spirit of the Tip Tornado design has been retained but advances in technology over the decades has enabled us to make the latest generation of Tip Tornado rods even better.