Danny Moeskops is continuing to test and explore the limits of his Excalibur TT casting at UKSF during 2013.

Century Excalibur TT

Century Excalibur TT

Although Danny was unable to attend the first UKSF Grand Prix in April – he has showed consistent form in the three subsequent Grand Prix and collected a trio of fine results taking first place in all – against some of the world’s best casters.

Century dedicates considerable resources to competitive casting because this is an arena which separates well designed rods from the rest. It is only by showing that designs can survive and win in this environment consistently – that true credibility can be established.

Danny has been using Century designs for over 15 years and this has helped him dominate the casting scene like no other.

Danny Moeskops - World Record holder and Excalibur TT owner

Danny Moeskops – World Record holder and Excalibur TT owner

Century feeds back what we learn at tournament into the whole programme of rod design and concepts such as Autoclave Technology, Anti Twist Technology and High Performance Resin are all systems that have been proven and subsequently introduced into our mainstream tackle.