Chris takes some of the finest scenic and catch photos we have ever seen among the angling community and with 40 years of photos being sent to us we should know. Century sent Chris some loan rods to test and review as part of the development and so his website is well worth a visit to see some of the highlights achieved with the rods while in Norway.

Chris also put his thoughts down in the below review on what makes the T800 and T900 special. Over to Chris

Following the tremendous success of the Eliminator T1000, rumours have been circulating for a while about the development of a new Century “T” series rod. The good news is that they have decided to release not one, but two new additions to the range, the Eliminator T800 & T900. Having visited Century HQ, there is a real energy and enthusiasm about the place, the team there are committed to pushing boundaries and building the rods of the future. You could easily mistake their technicians and engineers for the pit crew of an F1 team. However, that isn’t where the similarity ends. Like the Eliminator T1000, the carbon fibre blanks of the T800 & T900 are consolidated using autoclave technology, the same technology used for fortifying the chassis of F1 cars, to prevent the carbon fibre from degrading in strength. In layman’s terms, you’ve probably all bought rods from some manufacturers out there and noticed the rods going soft over time, some a lot quicker than others. These new rods being built using autoclave, means that the rods last a lot longer and prevent the rods from softening, giving them a much longer life at optimum performance.


CKB - T800 Scenic Shot

CKB – T800 Scenic Shot


You probably know Century have a reputation for making excellent freshwater fishing rods with superb bite detection. Well here is the neat part about the T800 and T900; they have innovated and built these new rods with predominantly high tensile S2 Glass tips and Spread Tow Carbon fabric in the butt section. Traditionally anglers would have to compromise casting distance for bite detection and vice versa when selecting a rod. The refined S2 glass tips have made this a thing of the past. If you do a little research on this multi-directional fibre, it is the first choice material for a wide range of hard wearing products that need to withstand a great deal of tension and stress. It’s actually used in making crossbows, modern pole vaults, helicopter blades, military armour, powerboats and now the latest Century rods. The result is that they have produced two distance casting saltwater rods, with unparalleled bite detection. Like the Eliminator T1000, both rods are also fitted as standard with the lighter, stronger, Fuji Anti-Tangle, Titanium KWAGS.


CKB - T900 Scenic Shot

CKB – T900 Scenic Shot


The first thing you’ll notice is that the Eliminator T800 is extremely low diameter, yet very powerful. Optimum casting weight is 5oz; it is 13ft 6” long in two equal sections. It produces a fluid, through casting action, that hits big distances either using a pendulum or an off the ground cast. During testing, distances in excess of 250 yards have been achieved. It also casts well with a tippy overhead thump, the tip recovers very quickly. We thrashed these rods on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast and also in Norway’s fjords, landing cod up to 25lb from the shore. They took everything we threw at them, they are ideal for clean to mixed ground shore fishing, where distance matters, and they are a real pleasure to use. Lastly, the blank is unground and the T800’s topaz blue whippings shimmer when they catch the light, complimenting the polished titanium guides.


CKB - T800 Cod

CKB – T800 Cod


The Eliminator T900 is the bigger brother, rated at 6oz, and is 14ft 4” in length, also in two equal sections, whipped in lapis blue and gold, they look stunning. These rods are beasts designed for mixed to rough ground, where weed and rocky snags are a factor. In testing they have fought and tamed halibut, big cod and double figure rays. In the right hands, this rod will put a big bait, a long way, and despite the big fish landed in testing, we always felt the rods had plenty of power in reserve. The greatest advancement is in the bite detection, it’s hard to believe a rod this powerful can pick up even the slightest of bites at range, but they record every touch. These new additions to the “T” series are without a doubt, two of the finest sea rods that Century has ever made.


CKB - T900 Halibut

CKB – T900 Halibut