Congratulations to Alessio Massa (Italy), Danny Moeskops (Belgium) and Paul Westmoreland (United Kingdom).

All three have used Century surf rods over the past 10 days to win a trio of results.

Danny and Alessio were casting at FIPS – 15th World Championship Long Casting of Sea Weights in Amynteo, Greece over 1st – 8th September 2012.

Alessio won the overall competition with aggregate of 1031.57m over the four weight disciplines of 100gram, 125gram, 150gram and 175gram. Danny came a very close second with an aggregate of 1024.73m. Both casters were using the very latest generation of Century surf rods incorporating our new HPR technology.

Danny Moeskops World Champion 1997 – 2011 and Alessio Massa 2012 – Campione del Mondo using Century.

Paul Westmoreland won the prestigious North of England Codling Championships in Class 1 and The Late S G Baker Memorial Trophy for the greatest weight of codling. Paul is one of the leading English match anglers and has won many valuable competitions using Century rods.

Congratulations to these World Class anglers and casters who have placed their confidence in Century rods to assist them in achieving sensational results. The rods they use are available to all and we hope to publish some photos from the events very soon.